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Learn to make radio with a live, artist-led FM station, fully licensed by Ofcom...

We provide a caring and open broadcast space, where anyone can feel comfortable to learn and grow in confidence. Resident artists inspire and encourage learners. Even beginners have chance to make bold and creative programmes and podcasts.

Soundart Radio works in partnership with other learning providers and community groups to reach all kinds of people. Whether your group includes young children, adult learners or people with special needs we can match your group to just the right sound artist or technical expert.

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Our Learning Values

  • We spend time in nature, walking, listening, recording, talking and thinking.
  • We are inclusive and find value in groups of mixed backgrounds and abilities.
  • We encourage one another to take risks, and stretch conventional boundaries of radio.

What does it cost?

Soundart Radio is a not-for-profit community interest company. Our charges are realistic and can sometimes be adjusted depending on the budget available.

People who might want to learn with Soundart Radio include:

  • students of all ages who love art, music, journalism or digital media
  • local elderly people who have too much quiet in their lives
  • young children who take their access to the digital world for granted
  • re-sit and gap year students who want an unusual achievement for their CV
  • English language learners across the region looking for a unique placement
  • people with disabilities or mental health problems who are budget holders seeking creative stimulation as part of their care package
  • diverse groups who want to share interests and culture, and invite us all to listen to one another more attentively
  • under-represented groups, who can find a voice through community radio