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Project Details

Soundart Radio delivered a series of free workshops for community groups as part of Well UK's 'Swingdoor' programme funded by the learning transformation fund.

This gave the station an opportunity to work with some really interesting people, producing exciting new material for broadcast. At TR2 in Plymouth, each member of a social group for refugees brought along beautiful food to share with the group. Before eating, participants interviewed one another about their dishes: how it was prepared, when it would traditionaly be eaten, who taught them the recipe. A radio programme produced from these recordings will be played in London and around the country as part of 'Refugee Week Radio' in June.

Local home educating families visited Soundart Radio for a 'Noiseplay workshop, experimenting with acoustic and electronic sound. Children were busy devising new instruments from scrap materials whilst adults learned how to construct contact microphones. These two elements could be put together to create amplified noises the like of which we had never heard before.