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Sound of Wonder

Sound of Wonder
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Day Monday
Times 23:00 - 00:00
How often ? Weekly

The Sound Of Wonder Radio Show is a weekly podcast that gets played on radio stations on both sides of the Atlantic. We rock up and record the podcast at Creao Studio ( every week and sip a few cold ones – the resulting show is always fun to record and we get there in the end.

On my show, I play down-tempo and upbeat, nostalgic and contemporary music that showcases the global music scene in all it’s finery.

I wanted to create a show that would suit the small hours. A show that would not weird out insomniacs but keep them company. I make my radio show because I think the music is good – here you can find out what I play and listen to the Podcast. I would not be playing the music if I did not think it was good music.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I have yet to introduce my full collection of World Sounds.



Hi, I am DJ Scooby, although I am known as Stewart to my Mrs.

I grew up in Gibraltar and near Bishop Aukland. But, I settled in Harrogate, North Yorkshire when I qualified as a gardener. I have lived in Harrogate for nearly forty years and I consider this town my home – what gets me is that it is a very diverse town when you scratch the surface, so finding tracks and inspiration for my Sound Of Wonder show is easier than you think. I hope I can play my part in keeping you entertained from this northern spa town.

Scooby buys all the music played on the show in hard copy (CD or vinyl) because he believes the artists should be remunerated properly for their work, and because he appreciates the artwork that comes with it.


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