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Hot$tuff Radio

Hot$tuff Radio
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Day Tuesday
Times 21:00 - 23:00
How often ? Fortnightly

H0t$tuff is a fortnightly broadcast re-framing how we listen to and perceive the more non defining notions of sound, music and art — using queer as a mode of critical inquiry. H0t$tuff focuses on ambient experimental music, sound art, social discussion, outsider music, the terrain of body music and field recordings, to transpose borders and boundaries.  The contributors and guests include sound artists, musicians, performance artists, field recording artists, soundscape artists, and outsider musicians working in multiple fields and genres. The 2 hour DJ mixed framework offers a rich array for exploring concepts such as the coincidence, the margins, the not-yet, the deconstructed, the accidental, the oppositional —all of which resist the seductive notion of the normative. Tune in, unwind and re-frame.





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  •     Experimental
  •   LGBT
  •   Field recording
  •   Sound

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