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DJ SuperSteve's Week of Wonder

DJ SuperSteve's Week of Wonder
Show details
Day Monday
Times 17:00 - 19:00
How often ? Weekly

20 years ago, DJ SuperSteve was a nightclub and wedding DJ in Sussex. He was resident DJ at the largest 80s night on the South Coast and also played more “serious” music in smaller venues across Brighton.

Today, he's a father of three and struggles to stay awake past midnight so has chosen the more peaceful environment of Soundart Radio to entertain the masses with an eclectic mix of tunes which are linked to the current week. Artist's birthdays, release dates or any other notable event that lets him shoe-horn the track into the playlist.

Expect anything from ABBA to Zappa and Acid jazz to Zydeco, including the “Purple Patch” focusing on the legendary Prince, and an album of the week. Maybe.

As well as music there's also positive and uplifting news from the last week that you may have missed and probably some waffle.


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