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A Song for Europe

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A song of grieving, wonder and worry for European identity.
First broadcast live on Kunstradio, ORF 1, Vienna, 2017. Live vocal improvisation, processed and looped using only the radio station's webstream, a technique devised in Lucinda's regular show, Swimming in the Stream.


The British sound artist Lucinda Guy voiced a lament forEurope; perhaps the most touching, most positive thing the Brexit decision has to offer.
To begin with only anxious breathing is heard, followed by a long drawn out "Oh Noooo!" which is constantly repeated.

 One longs to sing along

This unusual live-stream hour was called "A song forEurope", a kind of art radio meditation for, or rather against, the chaotic state of the world. When Lucinda sings, sounds range between singing and crying. "Oh yes!" Loops in real time meander between reluctant sounds of sorrow, to resonant humming, resembling tribal songs in trance. The sounds of a bad dream from which there is no awakening.

 In listening, we at once share the pain, and are soothed. Seemingly helpless laments of sorrow rail against something unavoidable, but she finds more and more voices, more words, which make sense. As if in childhood one feels the desire to sing along in mourning of the far nicer, more positive idea of Europe, in unison with this British woman from South Devon who co-founded the independent station Soundart Radio on which this "Song for Europe" could also be heard on Sunday night.

 And as Kunstradio presenter Anna Soucek said: Enjoy! Enjoy this radio experience. Sing Europe. Even if the British are not there any more. 

(Mia Eidlhuber, Der Standard, 3rd April 2017)


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